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Korindo is not the only FSC-certified timber company that has cleared forest for palm oil

On 5th November 2019, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) released a summary of their findings into a complaint against Korindo, two and a half years after it was made. It is not the full report, since that is still withheld from publication “due to a disagreement with Korindo”. Mighty Earth, the NGO which launched a […]

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PT MSL starts an oil palm nursery in South Manokwari, claiming pressure from local people.

PT Mitra Silva Lestari (MSL) has reportedly put local people to work in Yarmatum village, Tahota Sub-district, South Manokwari Regency, planting oil palm seedlings. However PT MSL is believed to not yet be in possession of a valid environment permit, and has not completed an Environmental Impact Assessment process with the Papua Barat Provincial Environment […]

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Habitat of Endemic Papuan Birds in Nimbokrang threatened by Oil Palm Expansion.

Jalan Korea, a birdwatching site in Jayapura Regency where endemic Papuan birds can be seen, is under threat. The area is part of a palm oil concession, which means the tree cover will be lost and wildlife, including birds, will disappear. Jalan Korea has been a tourist destination for birdwatchers from around the world for […]

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PT Subur Karunia Raya only pays 4 Rupiah per square metre for the Yerkohok clan’s land.

There are indications that PT Subur Karunia Raya (PT SKR) decieved customary landowners of the Yerkohok clan, through an agreement it signed with Donatus Yerkohok, an elder of the Yerkohok clan, in Jagiro Village, Moscona Selatan sub-district, in Bintuni Bay Regency. According to Donatus, he was paid ‘knock-on-the-door’ money amounting to 195 million Rupiah for […]

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Indigenous people’s forest marketplace threatened by companies in Mappi

Oil palm plantations in Papua continue to expand. This time the targetted area is Assue, in Mappi Regency. Potential investors first started arriving in this area around 2015. Perluasan perkebunan kelapa sawit di Tanah Papua terus berkembang. Kali ini sasarannya adalah wilayah Assue, Mappi. Investor mulai datang ke wilayah ini tahun 2015. The first meeting […]

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The Government is urged to swiftly implement the Palm Oil Moratorium in Papua.

Last November, the head of the Awyu ethnic group in Boven Digoel Regency, Egidius Pius Suam, sent a letter to Indonesian President Joko Widodo, with copies also sent to several ministries, the Governor of Papua Province, Boven Digoel’s Bupati and leaders of civil society organisations in Papua and Jakarta. The letter detailed the Awyu indigenous […]

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Maranatha Resolution for Human Rights Day 2018

Today, (8th December 2018), as we approach Human Rights Day, we, as indigenous people’s representatives and leaders and members of religious and civil society organisations, have discussed the current situation of indigenous peoples and victims of human rights violations, including violations of both civil and political rights and economic, social and cultural rights, as well […]

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Mpur people return 100 million Rupiah to PT Bintuni Agro Prima Perkasa, attempt to take their land back.

On 5th June 2018, the Mpur people of the Kebar valley, in Tambrauw Regency, Papua Barat Province, went to the worksite plantation company PT Bintuni Agro Prima Perkasa as bulldozers were working and confronted the company it continued to clear their forest for an corn plantation. After an angry exchange of words they proceeded to […]

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“It’s forest that we can live from, not oil palm”

“A protest was made in 2015, but the government’s response was a permit to release state forest” Jakarta – A civil society coalition took action outside the Environment and Forestry Ministry on Friday (23/03/2018), protesting a permit to release state forest land near the Wosimi River in Naikere and Kuriwamesa subdistricts of Wondama Bay Regency, […]

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They’re killing the Koroway with mercury and precious metals.

[This is one of the images which circulated on social media in early 2018, purporting to show a new helicopter landing pad made by illegal gold miners in the remote forests of the Koroway people. Now it appears that mining was already taking place in the area three years ago] At the start of this […]

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