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Land grabbing in a forgotten country – MIFEE-affected villager visits Netherlands

By Selma Zijlstra – 11 February 2013‘Feed Indonesia, then feed the world’. Backed by this slogan Indonesia companies are buying land in the Indonesian province of West Papua in order to grow crops.  Papuans themselves however are not reaping the benefits from this economic activity. Instead, they see their forests, known as the ‘lungs of […]

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Land Compensation has not been paid, so villagers complain to National Human Rights Commission.

[awas MIFEE note: The resistance of local people has been a key factor in tempering corporate ambitions in Merauke, consistently refusing to sign over their land, or at least without fair compensation. This article is interesting because it appears that in Kaiburze village, which has a history of opposition to MIFEE plantations, the same approach […]

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