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PT Agriprima Cipta Persada Planting Oil Palm Without a Permit.

PT Agriprima Cipta Persada is going ahead with its oil palm plantation in Muting even though it has been turned down for a permit. The forestry ministry has currently rejected the company’s application to release the land from the forest estate and classify it for other uses such as plantations. However the company is going […]

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David Versus Goliath in the Aru Islands

[awasMIFEE note: part of Maluku provice, but not far from the Papuan coast, the islands of Aru are also facing development of a 500,000 hectare sugar-cane plantation. Only this time local people suspect the company is more interested in logging the timber than in planting sugar. Police recently refused a permit for islanders to hold […]

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PT Selaras Inti Semesta has cleared important sites for the Malind People

The Malind people possess traditional wisdom to protect sites they consider important. These important sites have historical, social, cultural and economic value, such as routes travelled by their ancestors, sacred relics, ancestral burial sites, historic villages and sago groves. In a participative mapping exercise in Kampung Wayau, District Animha, Merauke on 21/10/2013, the head of […]

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Wilmar’s New ‘No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation’ Policy: What will it mean in Merauke?

On 5th December, Wilmar International, one of Asia’s biggest agribusiness corporations and the world’s biggest palm oil trader, announced a broad new environmental and social policy, including a commitment to no deforestation and the principle of Free, Prior Informed Consent when dealing with indigenous communities. As these new ethical criteria would apply not only to […]

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