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MIFEE during Romanus’s Term of Office: New Permits and Deforestation Threats.

For more than three years (8th January 2011 -March 2014) the Merauke Regency leader Dr. Romanus Mbaraka and his deputy MT Sunaryo S. Sos, have taken charge of Merauke Regency, claiming the ideal of meaningful change through a green development approach and policies – or at least that was the message during their election campaign. […]

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PT Selaras Inti Semesta’s promises that have failed to materialize

On Friday afternoon (21/4) the Kampung Zanegi clinic grounds were crowded with people, sitting together on the mats they had spread out to discuss various matters connected with the PT Selaras Inti Semesta (SIS) industrial forest plantation. One interesting and serious issue concerned the promises the company had made to support the education of Zanegi’s […]

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Melanesian Indigenous Land Defence Alliance (MILDA) Press Release (21 March 2014): THE LELEPA DECLARATION 2014

Vanuatu graciously hosted two very important and interrelated meetings pertaining to common issues within the Melanesian region from 10-14 March 2014 on the island of Lelepa to the Northwest of Efate. These meetings – the Melanesian Indigenous Land Defence Alliance (MILDA) Meeting and the Preparatory Meeting for the Melanesian Region toward the upcoming 2015 2nd […]

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Conflict in Indonesia’s Papua Region

GOHONG, 28 March 2014 (IRIN) – The clearing of forests inhabited by indigenous people in Indonesia’s Papua* Region by agribusinesses is fuelling conflict in the southern Merauke Regency, say campaigners. “Indigenous peoples rely on their land for their survival and therefore any incursion onto their land creates serious problems for any community,” Sophie Grig, a […]

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