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Oil Palm Companies Redraw Indonesia’s Forest Permit Moratorium Map

What’s been going on with Indonesia’s forestry moratorium? Since it was introduced in 2011 it has always been recognised as quite weak, but some protection for Indonesia’s forest at least. However now it seems that oil palm companies are free to just redraw the map at will. In 2011 Indonesia agreed to place a moratorium […]

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PT Tandan Sawita Papua: A portrait of how an Oil Palm Company Insults Communities

PT Tandan Sawita Papua is an oil palm company operating in East Arso District, Keerom Regency, not far south of the Papuan capital Jayapura. The company has been operating since 2008 with an area of around 18,000 hectares under cultivation. PT Tandan Sawita Papua uses a system comprised of a core plantation and tied smallholdings. […]

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Oil palm Workers Imprisoned for Demanding Workers’ Rights.

Jayapura, 21st May 2014, SKPKC received a report from two employees of PT Tandan Sawita Papua. In the report, they related their frustration with the company after having been fired without having received a warning letter beforehand. According to Alexander Tnesi and Marthen Watory’s explanation, the dismissal was a result of a demonstration by oil […]

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#savearu sees off Menara Group, time to #savebovendigoel

The story may be over for the Menara Group in Aru, now it’s time to look at Boven Digoel. There another mega-plantation plan is opening the door to the Malaysian timber barons, who are using the pretext of oil palm plantations to get their hands on 400,000 hectares of primary forest. The people of the […]

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Have the Aru Islanders Just Stopped a 500,000 Hectare Plantation Threat?

Having already devastated Sumatra and Borneo, Indonesia’s plantation industry is aggressively breaking new frontiers, moving to the less-developed eastern provinces and looking for land on smaller islands. The companies connive with local leaders to move in stealthily. Indigenous inhabitants have no information about the plans other than the companies’ sweet promises of development, and it […]

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Problems faced by Sinar Mas plantation workers in Lereh, Jayapura

SKPKC Jayapura staff organised a meeting in the Juk-Lereh church which was attended by around 20 employees of PT Sinar Mas. The meeting was a response to the Taja parish priest Hendik Nahak’s request to address problems facing workers at Sinar Mas’s oil palm plantation. Father Hendrik explained that there are quite a few problems […]

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PT Victory will likely destroy Keerom’s Golden Triangle.

We call it the Golden Triangle because it is the land we have always lived from, until now. We can use the wood, go fishing in the river, and there are also sacred places there” said Cleman Nouyagir in a meeting in the Arso deanery. (06/05/2014) The meeting discussed the Keerom Regency head’s Decision Document […]

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