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Thanks to MIFEE, 3.6% of Indonesia’s Emissions produced in Merauke.

The Merauke Regency is experiencing a rapid rate of forest degradation and loss. This is ilustrated by Merauke Regency’s contribution to total emissons ((article doesn’t state whether this refers to carbon emissions or total greenhouse gas emissions)) in the province of Papua which is 45.29%. Merauke’s contribution to Indonesia’s national emissions is 3.6%. Tangke Mangi, […]

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PT Papua Agro Sakti pays 3.6 Billion Rupiah in Land Compensation to 8 clan chiefs in Merauke

PT Papua Agro Sakti, which is investing in the sugar cane plantation business around the Animha and Jagebob areas, has paid out 3.651 billion Rupiah as ‘tali asih’ money to eight landowning clans. [‘Tali asih’ is a rather ambiguous term which is often used in Papua to mean compensation when a plantation company uses indigenous […]

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Communities Should Decide First, Before Permits are Issued.

Indigenous people in Okaba think the government is disrespecting and ignoring the rights of indigenous Marind communities to information, and to take their own decisions about whether or not to surrender land rights. According to Gerardus Kaize, a Marind community leader from Okaba district, before the government issues any location permits the community should be […]

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Controversy of Environmental Permit Mechanism that Sidelines Community Participation.

On 16th August 2014, the Cenderawasih Pos newspaper displayed a notice from the Papuan Provincial Environmental Management Agency (BPLH), taking up about 10 x 20 cm of one column. It informed the papers’ readers about the Merauke Bupati (elected regency leader)’s decision (number 133/2014) which concerned an environmental permit for a timber enterprise on PT […]

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More Agression from Brimob in Nabire, this time Smashing up a Local Family’s House

Police Mobile Brigade members sent to work as private security in PT Nabire Baru’s oil palm concession in Nabire, Papua have been behaving badly once more. One team paid a visit to the house of Yunas Money, who is a customary landowner. Fully armed, they proceeded to smash and destroy the contents of his house. […]

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