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Local People demonstrate at PT ANJ Agri’s offices.

Local people from Metamani and IPPMI (Imora Youth and Student Union) held a demonstration at the offices of PT ANJ Agri Papua in Sorong on Thursday 12/2/2015. Adam Rariaro, a community member from Saga Village, Metamani, South Sorong who was involved in the action, said that “people are demonstrating because PT ANJ’s operations have ignored […]

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Coalition calls on Bupati to revoke PT Nabire Baru’s permit

A group of organisations using the name “Coalition caring for oil palm victims in Nabire” is urging the Bupati of Nabire to revoke PT Nabire Baru’s oil palm plantation permit. This would follow a precedent set by the Bupati of Mimika last December, who revoked PT Pusaka Agro Lestari’s permit. Like PT Nabire Baru, that […]

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Tribal leader SP Hanebora, known for resisting oil palm, dies in Nabire

Simon Petrus Hanebora, leader of the Yerisiam ethnic group in Nabire who campaigned resolutely to oppose an oil palm company and force it to leave Sima and Wami villages, Yaur District, Nabire, passed away on Thursday 12/2/2015 at 3.05 am local time in the Nabire public hospital, where he had been treated for four days. […]

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Marine working for PT Dongin Prabhawa shoots local man in Mappi

Talema Waitipo, a 19-year old resident of the Maam area, Bade District, Mappi Regency, is currently in a weak condition as he lies in a bed at the Naval hospital in Merauke. He is believed to be the victim of shooting by a naval marine officer, who was providing security for PT Dongin Prabhawa’s oil […]

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MIFEE and other top-down developments in Papua will continue under Jokowi administration.

Indonesian media have recently been widely reporting the head of Indonesia’s Investment Coodinating Board, Franky Sibarani, who stated his commitment to support stalled investment projects in Papua. He referred to a number of unspecified projects in the plantation, cement, fisheries and petrochemical sectors, including the Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate, the agribusiness megaproject planned […]

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Mama Mariode

Mariode Malak and Kefas Gisim are the last standing block between the forest and a plantation corporation that is expanding operations on the banks of the Klasafet river. Their neighbours have sold their land to the corporation, but Mariode does not want to sell her land. She has put up signposts all over her land, […]

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