Meeting with Company, Local Communities Received Compensation of IDR 1 Billion

In the beginning of April 2013, in the Company’s Training Center of Bio Inti Agrindo (BIA), another meeting was held again with the local Customary Councils of Mbian and Mandobo tribes. Head of Ulilin District attended the meeting as well as local Police Chief of Ulilin and Muting Districts, Commander of local military station in Asiki, and representatives of Marind Mbian Customary Agency. The agenda is to discuss a claim of Mandobo people to BIA to pay a penalty of IDR 70 billions (USD 7.7 millions) for appropriation of their tradiitonal forests and land by the company. The negotiation was hardly moved, spent time of almost twelve hours overnight, from 18:00 afternoon until 05:00 early morning. Finally, an agreement took place that company will pay of in advance of IDR 1 billions (USD 111,111) for three clans: IDR 100 millions (USD 11,111) for Basik-basik clan; a similar amount for Mahuze clan; and IDR 300 millions (USD 33,333( for Mandobo clans. The rest will be paid later as a compensation for all of trees in the forests cut down by the company.

Silvester Y. Ndiken, Villager of Muting, District of Muting, Merauke

Source: Sorak

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