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#savearu sees off Menara Group, time to #savebovendigoel

The story may be over for the Menara Group in Aru, now it’s time to look at Boven Digoel. There another mega-plantation plan is opening the door to the Malaysian timber barons, who are using the pretext of oil palm plantations to get their hands on 400,000 hectares of primary forest. The people of the […]

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Agrarian Problems Emerge as Corporations use MIFEE Project for Capital Accumulation.

Pusaka, Bogor (25 Februari 2013) Crises, whether economic, or of food or energy supplies have been catching the attention of societies around the world. Food and energy commodities prices are going up. Giant transnational companies have not missed their chance to draw attention to this, and have built up investor’s interest in the food and […]

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