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Minister announces 500,000 hectare new sugar plantations in Merauke, Aru, SE Sulawesi.

Officials in Jakarta can’t seem to stop making pronouncements promising vast new agricultural expansion along the eastern frontier of the Indonesian state. In May President Joko Widodo announced 1.2 million hectares of rice fields to be developed in three years in the Merauke area of West Papua. Now his agricultural minister, Amran Sulaiman, has apparently […]

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Have the Aru Islanders Just Stopped a 500,000 Hectare Plantation Threat?

Having already devastated Sumatra and Borneo, Indonesia’s plantation industry is aggressively breaking new frontiers, moving to the less-developed eastern provinces and looking for land on smaller islands. The companies connive with local leaders to move in stealthily. Indigenous inhabitants have no information about the plans other than the companies’ sweet promises of development, and it […]

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David Versus Goliath in the Aru Islands

[awasMIFEE note: part of Maluku provice, but not far from the Papuan coast, the islands of Aru are also facing development of a 500,000 hectare sugar-cane plantation. Only this time local people suspect the company is more interested in logging the timber than in planting sugar. Police recently refused a permit for islanders to hold […]

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Ecological Annihilation in the Aru Islands.

[awasMIFEE note: this article is about a planned 500,000 hectare mega-plantation in the Aru Islands. Although they lie due south of West Papua, administratively they are part of Maluku Province. It was in Aru that Alfred Russell Wallace first observed the fauna which the archipelago shares with Papua – birds of paradise and marsupials such […]

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