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As forestry moratorium is renewed, here’s an example of how it doesn’t work from Mappi

Indonesia’s forestry moratorium was renewed on Wednesday 13th May, on the day it was set to expire. The original moratorium dates from 2011, and has already been renewed once in 2013 and supposedly prevented the government from awarding any new permits on areas classed as primary forest or peatland. Environmentalists in Indonesia had been urging […]

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Marine working for PT Dongin Prabhawa shoots local man in Mappi

Talema Waitipo, a 19-year old resident of the Maam area, Bade District, Mappi Regency, is currently in a weak condition as he lies in a bed at the Naval hospital in Merauke. He is believed to be the victim of shooting by a naval marine officer, who was providing security for PT Dongin Prabhawa’s oil […]

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Report of a Visit to PT Dongin Prabhawa’s Plantation at Mam.

A recent visit to Mam to monitor the latest developments around PT Dongin Prabhawa’s oil palm plantation near the south bank of the Digoel River in Merauke has revealed several concerns, from irregularities in the logging plan and ill-treatment of workers to human rights abuses. PT Dongin Prabhawa is a subsidiary of the Korindo Group, […]

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Blasius Sumaghai beaten by Indonesian Navy Officers in Bade, Mappi

Mappi, Majalah Selangah – Blasius Sumaghai (23 years old), a resident of Bade village, Edera District, Mappi, Papua has been beaten by members of the Indonesian Navy. The reasons for the beating were not clear. According to information compiled by majalahselangkah.com, Blasius Sumaghai, the son of the late Abraham Sumaghai who was an Awyu community […]

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