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Korindo strikes back against NGO campaign.

The outlook for the plantation industry in Papua has started to show signs of change recently, both because of a sustainability drive in the palm oil supply chain, which has forced many companies to suspend deforestation plans, and better-informed indigenous communities increasingly opposing companies’ attempts to acquire their land. Not all companies are taking these […]

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Indigenous people of Maybrat oppose PT ANJ’s ambitions

PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya Tbk, owned by the Tahija family, is currently planning to expand its oil palm business in areas administered by the Maybrat Regency, through a subsidiary company called PT Pusaka Agro Makmur (40,000 hectares). PT ANJ Group already operates an oil palm business in the Maybrat area and across the regency border […]

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Brimob and how the Yerisiam Gua people’s sago groves were cleared.

Sima, 11 May 2016 – During a discussion on Monday 9th May community representatives were asked if they agreed with PT Nabire Baru’s statement that police mobile brigade (Brimob) were stationed on the company’s premises because the community had requested their presence. They instantly replied that they didn’t. “How could we have asked for them? […]

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Marap Indigenous Group claim back three oil palm plantation divisions in Arso.

Indigenous land owners from the Marap people in Arso have used customary law to take back oil palm land owned by PT PN II as part of its Arso plantation, specifically the Core III, Core IV and Core V divisions. The action took place at Yamara village PIR 3, Manem sub-district, Keerom Regency, on Wednesday […]

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Nabire: Akudiomi village government forbids forest and marine resource exploitation.

Akudiomi village in Yaur subdistrict of Nabire Regency (also known as Kwatisore village) looks out over the Cenderawasih Bay Marine National Park, and is home to whale sharks which are frequently visited by local and foreign tourists. Several days ago (10/02/2016) in the Akudiomi village hall, the village administration held a meeting with the community, […]

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Mairisi and Miere Tribes: We won’t sell our land

In mid-April 2015, the Wondama Bay Regency government and the Environment Management Board gathered community representatives from the Mairasi, Miere and Wamesa tribes, who live in villages around Naikere, Kuriwamesa and Rasiei (all in Wondama Bay Regency) for a meeting in the Rasiei District Office meeting room. From the meeting’s outset, the community didn’t particularly […]

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Protest against PT Papua Power Indonesia, developer of Urumuka hydropower station

The article below from Majalah Selangkah describes a a protest in Deiyai Regency against a company called PT Papua Power Indonesia1, but doesn’t mention what the company is actually doing in the region. In fact it is the contractor which is looking to build the Yawei-Urumuka hydro-power plant which will generate at least 300MW of […]

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Investigative Report into Oil Palm in Nabire Regency, Papua

Based on a Field Visit 13th March 2014 by Santon Tekege General Description of PT Nabire Baru in Nabire Several companies’ plans to invest in the oil palm sector in Nabire have met with local opposition. People from the Yerisiam and Wate ethnic groups have staged several peaceful actions in Nabire against one of these […]

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Community pushes PT Inti Kebun Sejahtera to keep its promises.

Oil palm company PT Inti Kebun Sejahtera has been operating in Salawati and Moisigin districts of Sorong Regency, West Papua Province since 2008. Part of the plantation around Ninjemur and Klawotom is already in production. Although the company’s operations started over five years ago, many of the promises it made have still not been fulfilled, […]

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No Surrender to PT Inti Kebun Sejahtera

The manager of oil palm company PT Inti Kebun Sejahtera has paid several visits to Frans Kalawen’s house, asking him to come to a meeting in the company’s offices in Aimas and negotiate the future of thousands of hectares of customary forest belonging to his family in Matawolot, Salawati District, Sorong, West Papua. Frans Kalawen, […]

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