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Is the government about to take action to save Papua’s forests?

There are positive indications that President Joko Widodo’s recent promise to place a moratorium on new oil palm permits across Indonesia may soon become reality. Statements from key figures in the Forestry and Environment Ministry suggest that one of the main aims of this new policy is to stop the same kind of decimation of […]

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As forestry moratorium is renewed, here’s an example of how it doesn’t work from Mappi

Indonesia’s forestry moratorium was renewed on Wednesday 13th May, on the day it was set to expire. The original moratorium dates from 2011, and has already been renewed once in 2013 and supposedly prevented the government from awarding any new permits on areas classed as primary forest or peatland. Environmentalists in Indonesia had been urging […]

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Oil Palm Companies Redraw Indonesia’s Forest Permit Moratorium Map

What’s been going on with Indonesia’s forestry moratorium? Since it was introduced in 2011 it has always been recognised as quite weak, but some protection for Indonesia’s forest at least. However now it seems that oil palm companies are free to just redraw the map at will. In 2011 Indonesia agreed to place a moratorium […]

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Changes to the Moratorium Map and Medco’s Sugar Plans

The forestry ministry recently released decision (SK) 2796 of 2013, concerning the Indicative Map for the Moratorium on New Forest Use Licences (PIPIB). This provision sets out the fourth revision of Indonesia’s moratorium map. In various parts of Merauke Regency, Papua Province, there have been several important changes to the moratorium map since the original […]

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MIFEE-affected communities want their land back

A roundup of recent material about MIFEE, January 2013, from Down To Earth Indigenous communities living along the Bian and Maro Rivers in Merauke, southern Papua, have demanded the return of their customary lands taken for the Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate (MIFEE) mega-project. A set of demands issued after four days of community […]

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