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Coalition calls on Bupati to revoke PT Nabire Baru’s permit

A group of organisations using the name “Coalition caring for oil palm victims in Nabire” is urging the Bupati of Nabire to revoke PT Nabire Baru’s oil palm plantation permit. This would follow a precedent set by the Bupati of Mimika last December, who revoked PT Pusaka Agro Lestari’s permit. Like PT Nabire Baru, that […]

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Tribal leader SP Hanebora, known for resisting oil palm, dies in Nabire

Simon Petrus Hanebora, leader of the Yerisiam ethnic group in Nabire who campaigned resolutely to oppose an oil palm company and force it to leave Sima and Wami villages, Yaur District, Nabire, passed away on Thursday 12/2/2015 at 3.05 am local time in the Nabire public hospital, where he had been treated for four days. […]

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Violence and Intimidation from PT Nabire Baru’s Brimob Guards continues

New reports continue to emerge of aggressive behaviour from Police Mobile Brigade (Brimob) officers who have been stationed as security guards for PT Nabire Baru’s oil palm plantation near the city of Nabire. Here are a few of the most recent stories translated from local bloggers and activists. The first two articles are from a […]

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How Papua’s Green Areas are Increasingly being Destroyed

(A portrait of oil palm companies in Wami and Sima Villages in Nabire) By Santon Tekege Throughout the Land of Papua, forest is being destroyed ever faster to feed the interests and profits of companies and provincial and local governments. Papua’s forests are becoming a target for investors from around the world, who treat the […]

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Investigative Report into Oil Palm in Nabire Regency, Papua

Based on a Field Visit 13th March 2014 by Santon Tekege General Description of PT Nabire Baru in Nabire Several companies’ plans to invest in the oil palm sector in Nabire have met with local opposition. People from the Yerisiam and Wate ethnic groups have staged several peaceful actions in Nabire against one of these […]

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Papuan Governor to Revoke 50 Logging, Mining and Plantation Permits

Around 50-60 permits for forest management, mining and even plantations which were issued by Papua’s two caretaker governors over the last two years are going to be revoked. “A caretaker governor does not have the authority to issue permits, their duty is only to prepare local elections to choose the definitive governor,” said Lukas Enembe, […]

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Shut Down Forest-Destroying Oil Palm Companies in Nabire!

A leader of the Yerisiam Ethnic Group in Nabire, on the north coast of West Papua, is once again calling for support and advocacy as two oil palm plantations move on to his people’s land. Simon Petrus Hanebora’s press release, as reported by Majalah Selangkah, is a forthright accusation against the companies, claiming they are […]

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Oil Palm Plantations in Nabire Ignore Indigenous Rights.

The Yerisiam people living in Kampung Sima, Nabire Regency, Papua are still waiting for oil palm plantation companies PT Nabire Baru and PT Sariwana Unggal Mandiri to give clarification and compensation to local indigenous people. This was the message of a press release written by Simon Petrus Hanebora, a Yerisiam tribal leader, which was received […]

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