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Merauke Burns – but were the plantations to blame?

The rains have finally arrived, putting out the forest fires that raged across Indonesia through the last few months. Forest burning takes place every dry season, but this year an especially strong El Nino phenomenon meant that the dry season was longer and dryer, and the fires were especially bad. The worst crises were, as […]

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Felda Global Ventures buys Rajawali’s Sugar Operations, 37% of all Plantations.

Malaysian company Felda Global Ventures has finalised a deal to buy 37% of PT Eagle High Plantations Tbk, the plantation company in which the Rajawali Group held the controlling stake. The company was created last year after Rajawali’s reverse takeover of BW Plantations. It’s a huge deal. Felda Global Ventures claims to be the world’s […]

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Not planting, PT Cendrawasih Jaya Mandiri threatened with expulsion.

PT Cenderawasih Jaya Mandiri, a sugar-cane company operating in Merauke Regency has been threatened with losing their operational area. The government has warned the company because it is not fully operational in line with the permits it has received. The head of the forestry and plantation agency in Merauke, Efendi Kanan, revealed on Tuesday (23/9) […]

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PT Tandan Sawita Papua: A portrait of how an Oil Palm Company Insults Communities

PT Tandan Sawita Papua is an oil palm company operating in East Arso District, Keerom Regency, not far south of the Papuan capital Jayapura. The company has been operating since 2008 with an area of around 18,000 hectares under cultivation. PT Tandan Sawita Papua uses a system comprised of a core plantation and tied smallholdings. […]

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Oil palm Workers Imprisoned for Demanding Workers’ Rights.

Jayapura, 21st May 2014, SKPKC received a report from two employees of PT Tandan Sawita Papua. In the report, they related their frustration with the company after having been fired without having received a warning letter beforehand. According to Alexander Tnesi and Marthen Watory’s explanation, the dismissal was a result of a demonstration by oil […]

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Three years of MIFEE (part 1): A Growing Movement Against Plantations in West Papua

“We, the indigenous people of Yowied Village reject corporations coming on to our land in Tubang District for the following reasons: there is not so much land around Yowied Village. Our lives are dependent on what our environment can provide. Where will the future generations go?” The sign is tied with coconut leaves, a signal […]

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Three Years of MIFEE (part 2): First Villages Feel the Impact as the Plantation Menace Spreads.

The forest villages of Merauke are as remote as it is possible to imagine in the twenty-first century. Nowhere in Indonesia is further from Jakarta – 3700 kilometres as the crow flies. 662 km of forest and a high mountain range separate Merauke from the Papuan capital, Jayapura, which is also the focus of most […]

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Companies are Still not Fulfilling their Promises to Hire Workers Locally.

(Merauke, Sept 2013) Compaines operating within the framework of MIFEE, the large-scale food and energy mega-project in Merauke, are still not meeting their commitments to recruit local people to their work force. However, when negotiating to use customary land, companies often promise to use local labour. In Kampung Zanegi, where PT Selaras Inti Semesta (SIS […]

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Malind District Leader Fails to halt PUSAKA’s workshop in Kampung Onggari

The Leader of Malind District, Martinus Dwiharjo, failed to stop an event organised by PUSAKA (a Jakarta-based NGO which has long supported villagers affected by MIFEE plantations), after it was made clear that this activity was a training and workshop on how to create village regulations to empower Papuan indigenous peoples’ and protect their rights, […]

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Sugar Company Rajawali Felling Sacred Forests.

Sugar-cane plantation company Rajawali’s prescence in Kampung Domande is still controversial. Domande villagers have several times resorted to using customary law to block access and halt the company’s activties. In late May 2013, the people of Domande wrote a letter detailing their protests and complaints about Rajawali’s operations on their land, namely that the company […]

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