The people of four villagers reject Korindo with their demands for compensation

The Malind indigenous community from four villages: Nakias, Tagaepe, Salamepe and Mbanomepe, Merauke, strongly reject the Dongin Prabhawa [Korindo] company’s presence in their area. During nearly six months there have been two attempts to negotiate compensation for the people of these villages, but there has been no agreement because the people of all four villages keep demanding compensation which fits with what they have agreed between themselves.

They demand 100 billion Rupiah (over 10 million dollars) as compensation for the 46,000 hectares of forest which has already been logged and the wood has already been sent for export. The company has offered 4 billion rupiah as compensation but the people of the four villages are holding firm to their demand of 100 billion.

The people of the four villages made it clear on the 11th May 2012 that if Dongin Prabhawa was not prepare to meet their demands then they must leave the area.

As a result of the demands the Merauke local government has suspended Dongin Prabhawa’s operations for one week until an agreement can be reached.

From a source in the no to MIFEE network

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