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Plans to replant newly privatised plantation in Manokwari

Last May, state plantation company PTPN II’s plantation and factory in Prafi, Manokwari was auctioned off to a Chinese company, PT Yongjing Investindo. PTPN II had been operating in the Manokwari area since 1982, and now many of the oil palm trees have passed the productive age of 25 years. Much of the land is […]

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Manokwari Tastes the Bitterness of Oil Palm

Little by little, people start to taste the bitterness of oil palm. It came as a big shock to both the indigenous people and residents of the transmigration settlements in SP8 to SP10 Masni and Sidey, Manokwari regency. Heavy rain all night long eventually meant that by the morning of 16th February 2014 the calm […]

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Medco in Manokwari: stepping up the pressure on land and community.

Medco moved into Manokwari in 2008 to start an oil palm plantation. At that point it could still be counted as one of the pioneers of oil palm in West Papua. A few years later, as large expanses of land for new plantations become increasingly hard to obtain in Sumatra and Kalimantan, more and more […]

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