Moorim (PT Plasma Nutfah Marind Papua)

A Korean paper company bought a controlling share in this company in 2011, which is pressing ahead with plans for a 67,700 hectare industrial tree plantation.

Company Description: Officially set up in 2005, PT Plasma Nutfah Marind Papua is a forestry company that wants to produce wood chips in Merauke.

Owned by: In April 2011, South Korean paper company Moorim bought a majority share in PT Plasma Nutfah Marind Papua.1 The Korean company opened an office in Jakarta in 2008 and announced it was looking for a suitable plantation of up to 60,000 hectares. Moorim expects to invest 100 billion Won ($89 million) in the project.2

Plans in Merauke: PT Plasma Nutfah Malind Papua was allocated a provisional concession of 67700 hectares in Okaba and Kaptel districts in 2008.

Stories from the ground: The company has made contact with at least eight villages to obtain permission to use the land. Residents of Sanggase kampung were reported in April 2011 as being strongly against PT Plasma Nutfah Malind Papua because they have never discussed their plans with local inhabitants.3

International links: Moorim exports its paper products around the world. Its paper has been certified by the FSC since 2007 /2008, according to the Moorim website.

Moorim has an office in the UK: 98 Maybury Road, Woking, Surrey, GU21 5HX. Phone: 01483 215160 email

In the USA: 4600 S. Ulster Street Suite 220 Denver, CO 80237. Phone: 13037708809 email:

Addresses in Dubai and Hong Kong can also be found on the Moorim website.

Address: 505 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-887, South Korea tel 88234851626   email

Indonesian Office: Ratu Plaza Office Tower Lt.18, Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Jakarta 10270., Indonesia Tel: +62 21 720 7506




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