China Gate Agriculture Development

Although it is still not clear who is financing this company, it is persisting with plans for a 20,000 hectare plantation, which could be corn, rice, cassava or soya.

Last updated 28/07/2013

Company Description: Little is known about PT China Gate Agriculture Development, which was set up in Merauke in 2009. Its South Korean President Director is called Kim Young Ho, but it is not known who owns the company, nor what is its connection to China.  

Plans in Merauke: PT China Gate has permission for a 20,000 hectare farm, and reports are that it is interested in planting corn and cassava.1

In 2011 local groups reported that the company was  presenting its environmental impact assessment to communities, and some villages said at the time that they were rejecting the plans. 2

Reports from 2013 indicate that the company remains active in the area, but has made limited progress with its plans. One obstacle is that its concession area overlaps with that of PT Plasma Nutfah Marind Papua. The company continues to approach local communities, who are reportedly nervous as they also know little about this company.

PT China Gate Agriculture Development also obtained an initial permit for a 50,000 hectare industrial forestry plantation in Kimaam district in 2010, but does not appear to be pursuing further permits in this area.


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