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In 2016 plantation expansion in Papua slowed due to international pressure – but can it last, and can indigenous Papuans set the agenda?

In 2016 indigenous opposition to new plantations has continued around Papua: In Muting, Merauke some clans from the Marind, Yei and Mandobo ethnic groups have declared that their land is not to be used for oil palm. Representatives of the Auyu, Wambon and Muyu ethnic groups in Boven Digoel and members of the Aifat people […]

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Is the government about to take action to save Papua’s forests?

There are positive indications that President Joko Widodo’s recent promise to place a moratorium on new oil palm permits across Indonesia may soon become reality. Statements from key figures in the Forestry and Environment Ministry suggest that one of the main aims of this new policy is to stop the same kind of decimation of […]

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Government approach in Papua criticised in Human Rights Commission Indigenous People’s Inquiry findings.

“The government needs to review its concept of development in Papua, based on principles of respecting and protecting human rights…. …The government, churches and indigenous peoples must formulate development concepts specific to Papua, resolve conflicts over rights and natural resource management and eliminate the stigma of separatism from communities which are struggling to defend their […]

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MIFEE and other top-down developments in Papua will continue under Jokowi administration.

Indonesian media have recently been widely reporting the head of Indonesia’s Investment Coodinating Board, Franky Sibarani, who stated his commitment to support stalled investment projects in Papua. He referred to a number of unspecified projects in the plantation, cement, fisheries and petrochemical sectors, including the Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate, the agribusiness megaproject planned […]

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Melanesian Indigenous Land Defence Alliance (MILDA) Press Release (21 March 2014): THE LELEPA DECLARATION 2014

Vanuatu graciously hosted two very important and interrelated meetings pertaining to common issues within the Melanesian region from 10-14 March 2014 on the island of Lelepa to the Northwest of Efate. These meetings – the Melanesian Indigenous Land Defence Alliance (MILDA) Meeting and the Preparatory Meeting for the Melanesian Region toward the upcoming 2015 2nd […]

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Papuan Governor to Revoke 50 Logging, Mining and Plantation Permits

Around 50-60 permits for forest management, mining and even plantations which were issued by Papua’s two caretaker governors over the last two years are going to be revoked. “A caretaker governor does not have the authority to issue permits, their duty is only to prepare local elections to choose the definitive governor,” said Lukas Enembe, […]

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China’s 69 Trillion Rupiah Investment in Papua and Kalimantan

A deal was signed between Indonesia and China as world leaders met in Bali two weeks ago for the APEC summit, for a huge 69 trillion Rupiah (over 6 billion US$) investment deal, which obviously has the potential to bring huge changes to Papua and Kalimantan. Below is a report translated from tabloid Jubi. Other […]

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